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Ultra Greens Superfood

This product is a potent blend of 40 nutrient dense superfoods containing a variety of vitamins, minerals, fiber, chlorophyll, enzymes and herbs. This pleasant tasting supplement is the ideal way to start each day.

Organic Alfalfa leaf powder 950mg **
Organic Barley Grass powder 950mg **
Organic Wheat Grass powder 950mg **
Spirulina (Spirulina platensis) microalgae powder 690mg **
Apple Pectin powder 490mg **
Brown Rice Bran powder 474mg **
Chlorella microalgae powder 460mg **
Flax Organic seed powder 460mg **
Barley Malt (sprouted) powder 230mg **
Lecithin powder 230mg **
Pineapple fruit powder 200mg **
Kamut Grass (Triticum turgidum ssp.) powder 184mg **
Oat Grass powder 184mg **
Organic Rye Grass powder 184mg **
Spinach leaf powder 129mg **
Dulse (Palmiaria palmata) frond granules 118mg **
Parsley leaf powder 101mg **
FOS (fructooligosaccharides) 98mg **
Bee Pollen powder 92mg **
Beet Juice powder 80mg **
Ecklonia (Ecklonia lamonaria) frond powder 64mg **
Sea Whistle (Ascophyllum nodosum) frond powder 64mg **
Eleuthero root powder 58mg **
Grape Skin extract 52mg **
Astragalus root powder 46mg **
Broccoli florets powder 46mg **
Green Tea leaf powder 46mg **
Milk Thistle seed powder 46mg **
Schisandry berry powder 46mg**
Acerola Berry juice powder 40mg **
Licorice root powder 40mg **
Kelp (Pacific) front powder 37mg **
Macrocystis frond powder 37mg **
Alaria (Alaria esculenta) front powder 28mg **
Royal Jelly powder 23mg **
Gingko Biloba leaf powder 16mg **
Ginger root powder 12mg **
Stevia leaf extract 9mg **
Aloe Vera leaf powder 9mg **
Peppermint leaf powder 9mg **
Rhubarb Juice powder 9mg **
Bilberry leaf powder 7mg **
Other ingredients: Silica

** Daily Value Not Established.