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“You have to think big, act big, and then be big”, which is basically the principle upon which GoodHompi has been able to grow over such a short period of time. Our executives and staff have had extensive experience in a wide range of professional areas including the health food industry. At GoodHompi we strive to choose the best, be the best and provide the best products!

Our goals are to provide quality products to our customers. We strive to be on the cutting edge in product development and availability, which is why customers can frequently see and learn information about our new products.


GoodHompi has a strong dedication to independent retailers and we are always seeking ways to improve and expand those relationships. The retailers are highly valued and our customer support team is eager and ready to assist them whenever possible. Our products are sold exclusively through onlie store and are never sold in the mass market. This action parallels our principle that the independent health food store are the heart and soul of our business. GoodHompi supports independent retailers by offering a varied array of promotions. In addition, the company also advertises in various forms of media which allows for the maximum exposure for GoodHompi. The company is very efficient because it is run with the appropriate amount of qualified staff and also the company ships directly to the retails without using any distributors. The philosophy of GoodHompi is to provide meaningful formulas with the highest quality ingredients in order to contribute to the overall well-being of an individual. This standard and philosophy is accurately expressed in the company’s advertising slogan, which is “total body, mind, and soul”.

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